Design and Review

To ensure the best outcome for each order our team of in-house designers work with you to develop your designs and ideas. The team of designers also help you review your ideas and transform them into the best possible impressions.

Custom Embroidery

Our high capacity embroidery studio enables us develop and produce versatile, durable, and long-lasting embroidering, which are suitable where their is need for an extra level of sophistication.  

Screen Printing

Our experience in screen printing enables us to offer quick printing solutions for a variety of needs. While we can print fast, we ensure everything is checked and double checked to guarantee quality.


Our Perma-Press allows us to produce full color images through the use of digital printing and vinyl. This enables us to offer more accuracy when reproducing images while using light weight material.


We also use digital printers to print full color images that are sophisticated, and need to be printed fast and with accuracy. Direct to garment printing allows enables us to print high quality products that are more affordable to produce.

Foil Printing

Foil printing enable us to give a metallic finish to our designs. The metallic finish adds a shiny flair to designs that need a catchy finish.

Looking for a First-Class Printing Press?